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The history of shepherds huts

Rumours have it that shepherds huts could be dated all the way back to the 16th century !

Back when they first came about they would have been the bare basics, a bed and a stove for heating/cooking.

Shepherds built these huts on their land using any old materials they could find, most of which would be wooden with a sturdy metal axle and of course some glass windows. The farmers built the shepherds huts so they could be with their sheep during lambing.

Stable doors were used on most huts so when the shepherds got some shut-eye, they could still hear their flock with the top half open and keep the flock out by keeping the bottom shut.

Although the huts weren’t luxurious they were sturdy and just what the shepherds needed to keep the flock safe.

We have come a long way since those days and here at Forsham oak we create luxury shepherds huts to suit the clients wants and needs.

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