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Evolve farming

Updated: Jul 7


Farming in the UK is not an easy gig, there is a lot that can go wrong but the biggest impact comes from the great British weather.

This year farmers are projected to have a 17.5% reduction in overall production compared to 2023 for winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley, oats and oilseed rape.

Will the government help?

The government introduced a new scheme called ‘the sustainable farming incentive’ which pays farmers to take up or maintain sustainable farming and land management for 3-5 years. This scheme was introduced to support food production, protect and benefit the environment and improve productivity.

The government has also committed to maintaining the overall farm support budget throughout the 2019-2024 parliament (2.4billion p/a).

Future of farming

By 2050 farming will look very different to today, with the population continuing to rise minute by minute the production of food must keep up. This is why there is a growing interest in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). CEA is heavily dependent on technology such as; lighting, sensors and ventilation. This method allows year-round cultivation and reduces environmental impacts.

Whether we like it or not farming is evolving and farmers will have to evolve with it to keep up with the changing demands of the population.

Farmers discount

Our farmers discount is designed to help farmers diversify their land so that they can make up for their loss of income due to the challenges described. We make the process as easy as possible for our farmers so that they can focus on feeding the nation.

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