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Shepherds Hut Kent Forest

Our Huts

At Forsham Oak Ltd, we build bespoke Shepherds Huts made with traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary finish. Each of our named huts have their own standard interior but don't let this fool you. All of our shepherds huts can be customised to your hearts content, from choosing your materials and finish to adding extra features and functionalities. Contact us today to start your shepherds hut journey with Forsham Oak.

Suffolk Shepherds Hut

Suffolk - Signature Couples Hut

The Suffolk Hut is a popular choice for our customers due its cosy nature. It is truly built for comfort and warmth. No wonder it’s our most popular choice!

Cotswold - Double bunk bed hut (4 sleeper)

If you are looking for a hut that is perfect for a family retreat then the Cotswold Hut is for you.

Cotswold Shepherds Hut
Texel Shepherds Hut

Texel - Office Hut

Our sleek Texel hut is fitted with a bespoke desk and quality kitchen and bathroom on board. What more could you want from your home office?

The Lamb - Playroom Hut

The Lamb Hut is a compact structure, designed to provide a safe, cozy haven to play. This type of playroom is sure to bring out the best in your little ones.

The Lamb Shepherds Hut
Southdown Shepherds Hut

Southdown - Luxury Couples Hut

This hut offers a unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When experiencing a stay in one of our Southdown Huts, relaxation is part of the package.

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